New pathways to gain hairdressing and barbering qualifications

As you may have heard at one of HITO’s stakeholder meetings, NZQA have been concerned about the low numbers of hairdressing and barbering trainees achieving a Level 4 qualification over the past 10 years.

After consulting with industry groups and working with NZQA, HITO is excited to announce a solution:

From 1 January 2017, training providers will also be able to assess the final hairdressing and barbering unit standards: 2759, 2727, and 10650.

With this change, all hairdressing and barbering graduates can attain the same excellent, industry-relevant qualifications, whether they gain those qualifications through apprenticeship or through a training provider.

  • Only providers who meet ‘Best Practice’ or ‘Developing Best Practice’ criteria set by HITO can assess units 2759, 2757 and 10650.
  • Trainees being assessed in unit 2759 and 10650 will still need experience in a commercial salon.
  • HITO will moderate all providers assessing unit 2759, 2757 and 10650 on an annual basis regardless of their status.

If you require any further information for assessing the above unit standard, please contact HITO  at