Adelphi Insurance Brokers is proud to be working alongside the New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers Inc. to provide members with an individual and tailor-made Personal Protection Package. At Adelphi we believe your most important asset is your health and your ability to earn an income. An injury, serious illness or an unexpected medical event that could result in a temporary or permanent loss of your income would, in most cases, have a serious impact on a person’s business and/or way of life.

Adelphi Insurance Brokers Ltd is a nationwide, Kiwi owned and operated company that is committed to providing a simple, hassle free experience when it comes to providing life insurance, medical insurance or income replacement cover. Whether you are an established business or a new venture, it is critical that you and your business are protected by appropriate and affordable cover.

Included in your Personal Protection Package we can provide a Kiwi Saver ‘Health Check’ to make sure you are getting the most out of your KiwiSaver, ensure that you are on the correct tax rate, and are in the right fund.

Another service we can provide is to review of your ACC levies ensuring you are not paying more than you need to, while possibly repositioning your ACC levies so you have more cover for less cost.

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