NZARH 2019 Competitions Committee

Niq James

"Be nice to people on the way up the Hairdressing ladder….. they are the same people you meet on the way back down!"

Steward, Foreperson Judge

Heidi Christian
Heidi Christian Salon Consultant, The Room

"Ask questions, talk to other stylists, never stop learning!"

Education Liaison
Steward, Foreperson Judge

Salina Murphy
BHB Academy (Palmerston North)

"Share everything! The more you share and give back, the more room you will have to grow."

Committee Member
Steward, Foreperson Judge

Natasha King
Hair and Beauty

"Do it with 200%. Don’t half ass it. Give it everything, try and try and try again!"

Committee Member
Steward, Foreperson Judge

Bethany-Paige Woods
Vivo, Mt Eden

Committee Member
Steward, Foreperson Judge

NZARH 2019 Judges, Stewards, Guest Judges and Trainees

Kylie Hayes
Moha Hairdressing

"Always keep pushing yourself forward, explore new ideas, be humble and aim to inspire."

Steward, Foreperson Judge.

Terry Johns
Palmerston North

"Think about your professional career long term, which then enables one to master their chosen craft. Allow your skills to evolve – not erupt!"


Angline Thornley
Rodney Wayne Hairdressing

"Be authentic, never stop learning and be open to change."


James Williams


Kerrie Jordan
KN Colab

“Be the best version of yourself"
“Feel the fear and do it anyway”
“Never stop learning”


Fleur Devonshire
Fleur Devonshire
Hair Collection

"Never get comfortable, get out of your comfort zone and surprise yourself!"


Nicole Christophers
Vie Hairdressing

"Work hard and love what you do and you will succeed."


Tash Bird
Owner/Executive Director MPHOSIS Hair

"Never stop learning - education is the key to a strong successful clientele"


Holly Saunders
Saunders Hairdressing

"Listen to what makes your soul sing, then be brave enough to do whatever it takes to manifest it."


Nellie Rogers
KN Colab

"Stay current and keep up with social media. Surround yourself with your tribe that keeps you inspired, fired up and pumped to be in this industry."


Alisha Loach
Vivo Hair and Beauty
Esk Street

"Set goals each year, each week and each month. And don't stop until you reach them!"


Cameron Aitken-Boyle
Milano @ Spa Saint Clair

"Have faith in the product you use and enjoy what you do daily, you make clients feel and look amazing!"


Jeremy Hava
Head Barber & Educator for Barkers Groom Room

"Remember how your first haircut was, before judging someone else's work."

Guest Barber Judge

Gina Eparaima
Cutting Bar,
Palmerston North

"Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life".

Guest Barber Judge

Michelle Hohaia-Macfarlane
Breethaz' Kutz,

"Never give up on striving to be and do better, if no one believes, self belief should be your focus."

Guest Barber Judge

Matt Gilmore
Barber Town,

"You can never stop learning, no matter how many years you have been around."

Guest Barber Judge

Mana Dave
Blaze Hair

"Your success is a measure of the respect you’ve shown others, the energy that you’ve invested in self-development and the community that you’ve chosen to be a part of."

Guest Judge

Ann Marie Young
Jingles Hair Design

"Keep passionate, learn everything that comes your way. Remember, learning is the key to success."

Guest Judge

Shannon Dowd
Owner, Zibido

"The best part of Industry is how trends change. Keeping yourself educated will make you a better stylist"

Trainee Judge (year 2)

Anthony Bayer
Anthony Bayer Hair

"Keep learning to grow creatively, then magical things will happen when you work hard and believe in yourself."

Trainee Judge (year 1)