Earlier today it was heartening to hear the Director-General of Health voice approval of the work we have done on preparing comprehensive industry guidelines to assist our members in delivering a service that complies with the onerous operating demands of Level 2.

You will be aware that these guidelines have been developed with input from the wider industry and they have passed muster with WorkSafe NZ. 

We respect that the role of NZARH is primarily to serve the interests of its members.  We also recognise that the reputation of our industry and health and safety of our clients depends on the guidelines being upheld by the entire industry.  Protecting the reputation of our profession is the responsibility of everyone within in ā€“ members and non-members included.

Consequently, for the collective good of our industry and in the interest of enabling all salon/barber professionals to meet the requirements of Level 2 we are now sharing these guidelines.    

We believe this action is very much in the interest of our members, this is not a time for industry discrimination and we trust you will support this open minded decision.

We would also like to update you with the updated version:

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All the very best with the busy times ahead and like you, we are all looking forward to getting back to our salons.

NZARH Executive Board

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