Health & Safety – February – Do you have a dog in your Salon?

Do you have a dog in your Salon?

Health & Safety Reminder

Each month we will be bringing you a wee Health & Safety reminder to promote safe working practices in the industry.

February’s reminder is: Do you have a dog in your Salon?

NZARH is becoming increasing aware of the number of stylists who take their beloved pooch to the salon with them.

Dogs are prohibited from entering or being in any salon/barber shop (except a guide dog for the blind certified by the Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind). There is an obligation on the occupant/hairdresser and the person in charge of the dog to comply with the Regulation.

The reason for this is to not only eliminate risks such as tripping over a dog, slipping on dog hair, dog biting a client or hairstylist, etc, but to also protect the dog from things such as noise from loud dryers and music, and from eye and respiratory issues that could be caused from being present in the use of chemicals.

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