Online applications cannot be processed until the following documents are included to support your application. Please do not send originals.

  • Your current district council health certificate for salon.
  • Please outline 8 hours of professional development undertaken in the previous year for the person applying for Certificate of Registration (i.e. could include attendance at Local Association meetings, Competition seminar, product training, business development course, Expo).
  • Copy of qualification for the person applying for Certificate of Registration (i.e. copy of National Certificate in Hairdressing (Level 4) OR Trade Certificate in Hairdressing OR evidence of hairdressing prior to 1968 (Auckland prior to 1974) OR a qualification deemed equivalent by HITO (NOTE: this person must be in the salon for 30+ hours per week).


As a member of your Regional Hairdressing Association you agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics. The Code will be administered by the Executive Committee of the Regional Association in accordance with the Rules/Constitution.

  • To uphold the status and integrity of the hairdressing profession and conduct yourself in a way that reflects in a positive manner that profession and Regional Association membership.
  • To maintain a high standard of professional service, including being willing to address any service complaints, without charge, that have occurred due to poor service on the part of yourself, or any of your employees, or faulty products.
  • To have regard to and adhere to your statutory obligations e.g.provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act.
  • To refrain from either directly or indirectly offering employment or hiring an employee from another salon except through proper advertising vacancies in the media. This ethical rule shall not be construed as inhibiting an employee acting on their own initiative in pursuing employment opportunities in the profession.
  • To conduct yourself in a manner reflective of fair dealing, co-operation and courtesy in all your relationships with stakeholders of the hairdressing profession and its constituent bodies.
  • To refrain from and ensuring that your employees refrain from directly soliciting or approaching persons known to be clients of another salon.
  • To refrain from using the name of any other salon or Association member in any advertising or other public forum without first obtaining the written permission of that salon or Association member.
  • To refrain from directly or indirectly, maligning the good name or reputation of a fellow Association Member, or discrediting that member’s ability as a professional hairdresser.
  • Except to promote the Association, to refrain from using the Association’s name in any media forum for personal or professional gain.
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