NZARH AGM – 15 March 2020

NZARH 2020 Annual General Meeting

The NZARH Executive Board and Competitions Committees wish to thank all who attended the AGM and Judges and Stewards seminar, held in Auckland on Sunday 15th of March 2020
at the McAuley Room, Mercy Spirituality Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland

And a special thank you to Kay Nelson (HITO) and Shyrelle and Corbin (Heaney & Partners)

A huge welcome to the new Executive Board and Competitions Committee Members!

And from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank our Maureen Bowring for her tireless work, leadership and passion over the last few years as our NZARH Executive Chair and Board Member.

Meet the Team

NZARH Office Support

Bev Jarvis

NZARH National Administrator

Kim Gibbs

NZARH Financial Coordinator

NZARH Executive Board

A huge welcome to the new Executive Board Members!

Niq James

NZARH Executive Board Chairperson

Headspace, Christchurch

Carol Haywood

NZARH Executive Board Deputy Chair

Chonel Hairdressing, Whanganui

Simone Jones

NZARH Executive Board Member

Headstart Total Body, Auckland

Pip Grundy

NZARH Executive Board Member

Zibido Hair, Hamilton

Sue Chard

NZARH Executive Co-Opted Board Member

BHB Academy, Palmerston North

Malcolm Gibbons

NZARH Promotions Liaison

Salon Business Coach, NZ

NZARH Competitions Committee

The NZARH Competitions Committee Chair explained that in light of recent events, Lucas Kelly has been co-opted to the Competitions Committee.

A huge welcome to the new Competitions Committee Members!

Niq James

NZARH Competitions Committee Chair

Headspace, Christchurch

Salina Murphy

NZARH Competitions Committee Member

BHB Academy, Palmerston North

Gina Eparaima

NZARH Competitions Committee Member

Barber Queens, Palmerston North

Cathy Davys

NZARH Competitions Committee Member

Architectural Hair Design, Wellington

Lucas Kelly

NZARH Competitions Committee Co-Opted Member

The Barber Lounge, Christchurch