Introducing Heaney & Partners as NZARH’s preferred employment lawyers


We’re pleased to announce Heaney & Partners Barristers & Solicitors as our NZARH-approved Employment Relations Lawyers.


For over 30 years, the lawyers at Heaney & Partners have established a strong reputation in negligence, employment and human resourcing law.

Insurance companies, local authorities, real estate agents, business owners, employers and others choose Heaney & Partners to handle their matters quickly and without fuss.


For NZARH Elite members, Heaney & Partners offer 30 minutes of free legal advice* on issues relating to:

· Employment

· Human Resources

· Health & Safety

· Insurance Claims

(*one free consultation per membership year)

To book your consultation and to make the most of your NZARH member benefits, please contact:

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Heaney & Partners have a strong team of employment and dispute resolution lawyers and have worked with a range of clients including professionals and employers to resolve problems quickly and without fuss.

As part of your Elite membership, you can access one free initial 30-minute consultation per year with a lawyer from Heaney & Partners. 


About Heaney & Partners

For over 30 years the lawyers at Heaney & Partners have been establishing reputations as recognised leaders in the development of the law of negligence. We also have a strong reputation in the areas of employment law and human resourcing.

The insurance companies, local authorities, real estate agents professionals, business owners and employers and others who choose us to handle their claims want their problems resolved quickly and without fuss.

They trust that we will partner with them to find the safest path to the most satisfactory solution.

Our partners lead a strong team of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers. We are skilled advocates and are renowned for our ability to achieve quality outcomes for our clients in the resolution of claims through mediation and other dispute resolution processes.


Shyrelle Mitchell LLB, LLM First Class Honours Partner

DDI: 367 7024 / Mobile: 021 173 2321 Email: PA: Anne Cohen

After a successful career in the medical sector Shyrelle entered the legal profession in 2006 when she graduated from the University of Auckland with an LLB. Soon afterwards in 2006 she completed her Master of Laws degree with First Class Honours in the Laws of Torts/Employment and Local Government Law.

Since 2006 Shyrelle has worked with the team at Heaney & Partners and has developed a successful professional liability insurance practice. Initially her practice focused on construction liability claims for local government. Today she still retains an active interest in and commitment to her local government clients and continues to manage the conduct of a number of large scale claims for those clients. In more recent years she has developed and now heads up the firm’s real estate agent practice acting in particular for a national company and its insurer. This involves assisting in both external claims and internal employment complaints.

Shyrelle also continues to also receive instructions from national insurers on a wide range of liability matters and policy interpretation. She has received a number of instructions on the 2016 Health and Safety legislation which has required a number of her clients to re-focus their attention and resources to ensure compliance. A significant part of her practice concerns negotiation and in some instances the requirement for a more formal resolution. Shyrelle is a regular attendee at mediations on behalf of her clients and has appeared before all courts in New Zealand. Outside of work Shyrelle is active within the Catholic community and works for various organisations on a pro bono basis. She is a Director of St Mary’s Board of Directors charged with developing the school’s buildings and facilities which presently includes the development and construction of a state of the art science block. She is also the mother of four girls.


Kelly Parker BA, LLB Partner

DDI: 09 367 7028 / Mobile: 027 278 4357 Email: PA: Marian Ryan

Kelly has acted for insurers and the professionals they insure for over 20 years. She holds qualifications in both psychology and law.

Kelly practices in the field of professional liability claims. She represents local authorities and a wide variety of other clients in all types of building defect claims and represents real estate entities across the broad spectrum of issues which they face.

Kelly is renowned for her experience and successes in the field of alternative dispute resolution. She is engaged on a regular basis in negotiation on behalf of her clients. However, when a claim is unable to be settled, Kelly is an experienced litigator, having run claims in the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, District Court and High Court. She has also appeared in the Court of Appeal.

Kelly prides herself on her ability to relate to all types of people, to address and meet their needs. Kelly is well respected for her ability to critically analyse any dispute and to be able to quickly resolve it to her client’s best advantage and is acknowledged to have significant business acumen.

Outside of work Kelly is mother of three young children. She also undertakes pro bono work, including acting on the Board of Trustees of the St Mary’s (Primary) School.


Kent Perry BA, LLB Senior Associate

DDI: 09 367 7027 / Mobile: 027 549 5579 Email: PA: Catherine Gardiner

Kent graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2009 and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor in August of that year.

Kent began his career working in a boutique insurance litigation practice in Auckland where he acted for insurers defending professional liability claims brought against solicitors, real estate agents, valuers, engineers and architects. He also assisted with employment and health and safety related claims. He regularly appeared in the District Court on behalf of New Zealand and Australia’s largest debt collection agency.

In 2010, Kent joined the predecessor of the firm as a solicitor. His clients included local authorities and local and international insurers. The claims in which he was involved concerned, among others, tortious claims including building defects, land slips, contamination and breaches of the Resource Management Act. Kent appeared across a number of jurisdictions including the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, the District Court and the High Court. In June 2012, Kent moved to London where he joined a mid-tier insurance specialist legal practice with 13 offices across the United Kingdom. He joined their professional indemnity team and acted for insurers defending professional liability claims against valuers, estate agents and auctioneers. Kent was also responsible for providing indemnity and liability advice to one of the United Kingdom’s largest real estate and letting agents. In October 2013, Kent moved to Lloyds Bank plc. At Lloyds, Kent managed a team responsible for defending the bank against regulatory and ombudsman claims brought by customers in respect of regulated financial derivative products and non-regulated products such as long term loans.

Kent returned to the firm as an Associate in January 2017. Kent was promoted to Senior Associate in April 2019.


Corbin Child BA, LLB Associate

DDI: 09 367 7073 / 027 333 7013 Email: PA: Anne Cohen

Corbin graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2012 with a BA and LLB. In 2012 he was admitted to the New Zealand Bar. In 2014 Corbin joined a speciality litigation law firm in Christchurch. He was subsequently invited to join a barristers chambers where he acted on a variety of civil disputes, receiving instructions from solicitors throughout the Canterbury region. Corbin specialised in contract disputes, insurance claims, Companies Act liability, director and shareholder disputes, defamation, insolvency matters, negligence, and family law litigation.

Corbin has appeared in the High Court, District Court and in many of New Zealand’s specialist Tribunals. He is a member of our civil litigation team and acts on a range of matters, often as sole counsel, including professional disciplinary complaints, employment disputes, construction defect claims, and actions against large institutions in the local government and education sectors for breach of statutory obligations.

A significant part of Corbin’s practice involves assisting large clients with their commercial planning and decision-making so that disputes can be avoided. He regularly provides advice on employment practices, health and safety compliance, statutory obligations, and corporate planning. Corbin recently completed a 3-month secondment with a major commercial client in order to streamline our firm’s services with the client’s core business.


How we can help

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For Elite members we are offering 30 minutes free legal advice on issues relating to:

• Employment • HR • Health and Safety • Insurance Claims


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