At 8:00 pm on Thursday 16th of April, Pip and Niq went live on Instagram, to answer some curly questions after the Government announcement earlier that day.

Watch the video:

Here’s a summary of the main points:

Q- Can any kind of hairdressing/barbering operate at Level 3?

A- No. Simple answer is because services that are allowed back at Level 3, must still follow the 1-2 m distance rule.

Q- At what Level can hairdressing/barbering operate?

A- Level 2. And we won’t know what the Heal & Safety plans, PPE requirements or if 70+ years clients will be allowed within the 1m rule, until the Government announces that we’re heading back down to Level 2. NZARH are consulting with Government agencies and working on resources for when this takes place.

Q- Can I enter my salon/barbershop (if not at home) during Level3?

A- No. When they announce that we’re going into Level2 and what that will look like, there will be more guidance on the transition timeframe for businesses to be able to go in and prepare.

Q- How will they police it even if you are discretely offering your services?

A- As the Industry representative Professional Body, we would like to think that everyone is acting with integrity during this time. Even a quick fringe trim or operating on one client at a time, could result in spreading Covid-19 and risking the country to go back up the Levels and into lockdown again. The NZ Police can arrest and fine you, or worse you could pass Covid-19 onto someone who then dies. Don’t forget that they will trace everyone that someone has been in contact with. This is the risk at Level 3 and why we should not operate services where we can’t honour the 1-2m distance rule.

Q- When can we tell clients we’re opening and rebook them?

A- When we have a date for going into Level 2.

Q- What about online selling – can we do deliveries ourselves during Level 3?

A- As NZARH we are saying no, because the couriers are tasked with the correct health and safety procedures and as hairdressers/barbers we’re not yet meant to be driving around for work until Level 2.

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