NZARH – Live Chat – Q&A with Niq & Pip

At 8:00 pm on Thursday 7th of May, Niq & Pip held Q&A session to answer questions about the guidelines for operating at Level 2

Preempting the announcement for our Industry to be able to operate at Level 2 today, Thursday 7th May, we organised a Q & A to address some of the questions that would arise. Thank you all for the great questions sent in!

Watch the video:

Bear with us – there was so much information to get through that we went passed the 60min mark on Instagram Live and lost the first part of this session – please find a brief summary below.

Huge thank you to everyone that joined us – some 357 viewers! Wow! And so great to see all your comments! Hope we answered all your questions as much as possible at this stage.

Following the announcement by NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern at 1pm today, we are now in a much more solid place to know what Level 2 looks like for our Industry to operate.

NZARH have also been working on a document with everything you will need for opening and operating at Level 2. We are working with Government, WorkSafeNZ and other Government Agencies on what these requirements and guidelines will be and the accredited document will be available soon. This will be available FREE to Members – Keep an eye on our online Shop – link below!

Review from the Q&A session with Niq & Pip:

Please note this is not the accredited requirements. This is yet to be release by Government. The information from our session tonight and briefly summarised below, is derived from direct consultation between NZARH and Government, WorkSafeNZ and other Government Agencies.

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How will we be operating differently than usual?

No magazines, drinks or clients permitted in waiting area. Adopting practices to prevent multiple people touching phone and computer equipment, cash etc… cleaning and disinfecting inbetween each client

What are the guidelines indicating that PPE look like, at Level 2?

Stylist to wear a mask, change gloves inbetween different clients, clean capes on each client. Clients to be offered appropriate PPE also, hand santiser, option to wash hands. Correct processes followed for applying, wearing and removal of masks, gloves, cleaning capes and towels.

What about distancing, concentration of stylists and clients in salon?

Safer to operate at every second chair to allow 1m inbetween stylists aswel as clients. Face to face contact should be ok as appropriate PPE to be worn. Maximum number of clients and stylists would be determined by the space available. Other practices could include managing stylist areas to avoid clusters.

What about stylists and clients who are 70+ and/or immune suppressed?

Stylists must sign an agreement if they feel healthy enough to be back at work. If clients feel healthy enough to come in, book them in known quiet spots and perhaps first thing in the morning after the salon is freshly cleaned.

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