NZARH policy for onselling colour from salon to public

The New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers is the voice of the hair and barbering industry in New Zealand. We act with integrity and advise our members and wider hairdressing and barbering industry on how to achieve and maintain best practice. Due to the unprecedented times we are in there can be a temptation to let our professionalism slip and engage in practices that are below the line.

NZARH has had complaints about salons sending colour out to clients and some salons actively selling professional colour to the public.  NZARH is making a stand and have also asked our Corporate Supporters to do the same.

As a salon you may find that supplying a client with colour impacts your bottom line but it may also breach the supply agreement that you have with your Professional supply company.

You may also find your well-meaning deed lands you in legal trouble for breaching WorkSafe NZ standards as there is a risk that the ingredients in the product you supplied can cause an allergic reaction, ranging from skin irritation and burns to anaphylactic shock that requires medical attention. Some severe cases may result in permanent health issues, disability or even death.

It is always recommended that an allergy test be performed before colouring, something that the public will seldom do. We do not recommend the use of home colour that is purchased from a supermarket, pharmacy or supplied by a salon to the client. You may think that you are doing your client a favour or putting their needs first but the safety of our clients should be paramount.

The process NZARH will follow is:

  • 1.Two exec members will sight the evidence.
  • 2. NZARH will inform the Professional Company and provide photos.
  • 3.NZARH will inform any professional pages that the salon or person belongs to.
  • 4. NZARH will send an email to the salon or person that is suppling colour to the public.
  • 5. Filed in complaints folder.

You may also have your membership cancelled for repeat offences.

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