In September, we ran a survey to get your view about the NZARH.

We wanted to know why people choose to be members, or not, and how we can do better to service the hair and barbering industry.

Congratulations to Codie Langton, who completed the survey and drawn as the winner of the $200 Nourish Voucher!



What did you tell us?

· 56.9% of the 72 survey participants were current NZARH members.

· These members belong mainly to:

· Be part of a collective professional group

· For distinction, prestige or added credibility

· Access to competitions

· The most valuable membership benefits to members were:

· Belonging

· Professionalism

· Having a voice and say of regulatory issues affecting the hair industry

· Public display registration certificate

· Members provided feedback on how to add value to membership, such as:

· ongoing business coaching membership

· ongoing education opportunities – training at a discounted rate

· promote smaller salons. promote barbers, e.g. through Facebook shout-outs

· Templates – business, marketing plans

· keep members in the loop; better communication; seminars about the discounts available;

· involve tertiary providers/educators in national meetings etc

· more public awareness/exposure about what NZARH membership means.

· Preferred Events: All types of events are desirable!

· Competitions: most members feel it is important that NZARH runs live competitions

· Members believe it is important for NZARH to promote or advocate for better standards, such as through better regulation and consumer education

· Members rated the value of membership as “marginal to very to very good.”

· Of the non-members, about half were previously regional association members

· There is general awareness by non-members about current benefits

· 51% of non-members are interested in joining an organisation for hairdressers and barbers

· To non-members, the most valuable membership benefits:

· Having a voice and say on regulatory issues

· Access to competitions

· Discounts on resources

· Business support

· Most non-members believe that NZ Hairdressing and Barbering need better standards. They think that Employers and Education Providers are responsible for promoting or advocating better standards.

NZARH Planning Days

The NZARH Executive Committee and Competitions Committee used survey feedback to inform our strategies for the upcoming years, in a two-day planning session in Wellington.

We evaluated what we had achieved in 2019 and what we need to do better. We had to rethink our ‘reason for being’, and why we need an Association that serves the needs of hairdressers and barbers; and what is our core business?


Our values: we care about and want to promote:

Professionalism; Sustainability, Qualifications, Continuing Education, Communication, Better standards; Creativity, Inspiration, Better Business, Best Practice and Health and Safety.


Our core business is as easy as A, B, C…and D

· Advocacy: Be the advocate for better standards in the hairdressing and barbering industry

· Best Practice: Provide the industry with best practice processes to grow business capability

· Creativity: Promote and support creativity

· Development: Develop our people through education and sustainable practice.

Underneath these strategic areas are an array of activities we want to achieve over the next one to three years.


Here’s a snapshot:

Advocacy: Implement a salon rating system to promote salons & provide information to consumers. Improve regulation or standards in the hairdressing and barbering industry. Provide Industry input into the Reform of Vocational Education Consumer education; promoting best practice and NZARH salons to the public

Best Practice: Review, develop and make available online resources on best practice processes, such as Code of Ethics, Health & Safety Guides, HR Tools, Complaints processes; workplace culture Facilitate access to legal advice and business coaching Facilitate access to relevant third-party workshops

Creativity: Run competitions. Promote and facilitate access to creative workshops or webinars and creative opportunities

Development: Work alongside Education Providers and Corporate and Supporter Members for providing development opportunities to members. Promote and facilitate sustainable practice resources.


So, why must NZARH continue?

The NZARH exists to provide these activities (A, B, C & D) to the hairdressing and barbering industry in ways that are: understandable; directly relevant and accessible.

The NZARH needs you

The NZARH cannot deliver on its’ goals without your continued support and without more members. To be an effective organisation and the voice of our vibrant and diverse industry, we need your support.


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