NZARH Update

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of information, facts and figures and LOTS of emotion.

Do we stay open? Do we close?

What about our businesses, our livelihoods, and of course our staff and amazing clients? Both of which we have come to regard as friends and Whanau.

NZARH have spent this time getting important information to our members, the wider hairdressing and barbering industry and have even been giving advice to other professionals in high contact, close proximity vocations.

Level 3 guidelines on Unite Against Covid-19 website:

We have been in communication and consultation with the various Government Departments and collating information from this for our industry in order to best prepare for our ‘new normal’ lives in our salons and barbershops.

This information is carefully weighing up as to how we can best guide our industry to adapt to the current situation whilst realizing that we all still have bills to pay.

We have set out finding ways we can continue to do this like selling vouchers online, having clients prepay for appointments, selling hair-care online, taking deposits for online bookings. As well as our NZARH Corporate and Supporter Members providing extended credit and online education for our business and staff.

We are keeping yours, your clients’, your Whanau and communities’ safety very much in front of mind.

We have taken the Government Alert Levels for Covid19 and produced an Industry Response to the Alert levels. This was done with information and consultation from MBIE, MOH, WorkSafe NZ, and with industry input from New Zealand and Australia.

This was not a Govt produced resource, rather an additional guide from NZARH as New Zealands’ unbiased industry representative and recognised professional body, for hairdressers and barbers to use to start thinking about what our “new normal’ might look like.

We have never experienced anything like this before in global modern history, and this is not an easy task! It’s OK to feel overwhelmed and remember we are here to help.

As your new Chair, I have personally gone through the heartache of losing everything in the Christchurch earthquakes. Having a plan helps build resilience, and makes you think differently. Expect the best, but also prepare for the worst. With our great team on the NZARH Executive and Competitions Committee, we are working on everything we can and are grateful for feedback and opportunities to learn along the way. As a group of volunteers, we appreciate the incredible outreach of kindness we have received from you in our incredible industry.

NZARH Chair, Niq James

NZARH have produced a new document that meets all the requirements of government and meets the needs of our Industry. We have overlaid the Hair Industry Response to Alert Levels onto the Health (hairdressers) Regulations to provide instruction on how to operate your business’s at level 3. We will develop the same information for Level 2 and Level 1. We have also referenced the Health Act 1956 to provide extra information on requirements for those that would like to utilize it. We have an approved Contact Tracing form available. We also have check sheets, helpful hints and FAQ to help keep up with the changes.

These documents are to help salons with a smooth transition back into their businesses and give a clearer guidance.

Members can access these documents:

We have started live streaming chats on our socials and are constantly updating information on our website. There will be posts and notices in our stories across our socials for when these will be taking place. At this stage, the live chats will be streamed on live stories on our Instagram page, and then shared on the story for 24 hours and also shared as a post on Facebook.

Check out our Instagram:

And of course our door is always open please keep contacting us with any questions or concerns.

On Thursday 16th, the Government released the guidelines for businesses to adhere to so that they can safely return to work at Level 3. This is about getting businesses on track again and to do this while maintaining best, safe practices.

We are pleased to report that the work we’ve done for our Industry has been recognised by Government and we are committed to continue working and consulting with Government agencies.

A recent Facebook Announcement:

We realise that moving in and out of the different levels would cause extra confusion and could see us opening and closing, adding further disruption to an already unsteady situation. We intend to collaborate with the necessary agencies to produce a favourable, profitable and safe solution.

By coming up with a plan for us to follow, and making sure we adhere to the Government’s specific guidelines, we can show our industry to be adaptable, collaborative, innovative and resilient. We can assure our clients and staff that we will provide professional, safe businesses and we can move forward and start the journey to rebuild our businesses, our industry and our communities.

Other useful resources:

Ministry of Health Website:

Hair Industry Response to Alert Levels, 9th April 2020: