Sale & Delivery of hair care during Covid-19 lockdown

We have had questions around the sale and delivery of hair care and we would like to provide some clarity around what is allowed

NZARH have spoken with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment regarding hairdressers that have an online store being able to use their approved courier service to continue operating. 

Our understanding is that we are suppliers of “fast moving consumer goods” (see below) and so can continue this service during Alert Level 4.

This would help us provide haircare to our clients and really help our businesses to be able to have some revenue coming in over the next 4 week period (or more).

NZARH are waiting for written confirmation from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

We suggest that our members proceed with this practice but be aware that this may change.

This only applies to salons with legitimate online sales and using an approved courier company.

It is NOT for delivery by the salon or staff member to the clients house.

Our understanding is that our members will need to work to the following guidelines.

  1. Have a legitimate GST reg business 
  2. Approved courier company agreement in place (no delivery by salon owners or staff)
  3. Follow sanitation with health and safety processes by:
    • cleaning product down with sanitizer before packing goods
    • clean parcel with sanitizer
    • leave parcel in dedicated area for courier
    • follow courier company policy
    • don’t come into contact with the courier (keep 2 meter distance)

What are ‘fast-moving consumer goods’?

These are generally the kinds of things you buy at supermarkets. They are affordable, in high demand, and sold quickly

These would typically include:

  • food,
  • beverages
  • toiletries and personal care items
  • cleaning products
  • baby products, eg formula and nappies
  • pet food
  • over-the-counter medicines
  • alcohol, tobacco and vaping products
  • stationery.

We hope this helps clear up this topic and we’ll post as soon as we hear back from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.