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Our Covid-19 Starter Pack is specifically designed for salons, small offices and boutiques who need to be able to implement the W.H.O & N.I.H.’s 2-step cleaning protocol as part of their re-opening program. This package completes the Touch Point Clean, as well as the Fogging process, and lasts an average of 3-4 weeks depending on each salon’s use and protocols. We include everything you need, from our multipurpose cleaner for surfaces and floors, to our misting applicator and the fogging solution to use with it.

The BiotixPro probiotic range has been designed to reduce the number of products required to clean salons, households and commercial buildings. The beneficial, application-specific bacteria provide a safe and natural alternative to harsh chemical cleaners which are commonly overused. The range has been developed with consideration for the environment, minimizing the effects on the environment from manufacture, right through to when the finished products are in use.

On an average 50-100 m2 salon, this kit would last 3-4 weeks with a twice-weekly fogging application and daily surface cleaning, which effectively puts salons in line with the latest WHO & NIH recommendations relating to Covid-19 sanitation.

BiotixPro probiotic products are non-alcoholic, non-caustic, non-toxic, safe for children, elderly and based purely on natural ingredients that living and active organisms.

  • Scientifically proven to last longer than commercial cleaning chemicals.

  • Disintegrates the biofilm layer where bacteria and germs like to hide and grow, even after chemical cleaning applications.

  • Safe to touch, breathe and use in all environments.

  • No need to wait for hours as with chemical clean fogging treatments. You can re-enter the premises after 15 minutes.

  • No alcohol, no synthetics, no dyes, no toxins, nothing but what nature intended.