VHB10 KN95 Mask (Box 50)

$380.00 incl GST

Ideal for Staff! – 1 Day Usage (10 hours)

KN95 Protective PPE face masks.

1 x Box of 50 masks.

Out of stock

High defense disposable protective KN95 face masks 10 hour usage (Ideal for Staff.)

KN95 protection masks are suitable for respiratory protection from harmful particles in the air. Ideally suited for filtering particulate, viruses, and microbes. Filtrates 95% a 0.3 micron.

Masks can effectively filter non-oily particles in the air, to more than 95%. It adheres and covers from your nose to the chin to protect against droplets, dust, air pollutant, etc.

KN95 masks are rated equivalently effective to perform like N95.

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