Since our initial notice about this in January 2018, it has come to our attention that hairdressers are once again being targeted by email by a scammer. NZARH have not distributed any member lists and take no responsibility for the scammer’s actions, but be sure to check out or for advice and tips on how to stay cyber-safe and if in doubt, seek further advice!

Further to our message above, the  NZ Police’s Financial Crime Group have been in contact with the Association regarding the same issue and have asked us to alert members to it. They have stated that;

‘The scam involves a male contacting the salon by email wanting to book a birthday group session for his daughter and her friends.  After offering a substantial deposit for the service, he asks the salon to overcharge his card and send the balance to a third party, claiming it to be payment for a cake company.

This is a scam, and the money is likely stolen.  Police recommend that should any of your membership be contacted in this manner, to cease contact and block the sender immediately.  Do not engage or accept any payment.’