Terms and conditions of entry

(For entering the Creative Awards at the Industry Awards 2018)


  1. Originality. The Entrant must be the original creator of the hair work represented in the photography. All entries must be original and previously unpublished, this includes all online media formats and behind the scenes photos. You cannot submit “out takes” or another edit of the same shoot, however you can use the same model restyle the hair and clothing in a different manner for submission. Photographs submitted for competition cannot be used to enter other photographic competitions or posted on any website or social media except for the purpose of this competition by the entrant until the winners have been announced on the 11th of November 2018.
  2. Copyright. Copyright of the submitted entry or entries remains with the photographer and hairstylist. Approval for entry and use of that entry or entries in the competition is the responsibility of the entrant who must have the written permission, or alternatively a licence, from the hairstylist and photographer for such entry or entries or use, including the use by The Industry Awards and NZARH for any legitimate purpose and in any fora.
  3. Reproduction Rights. The Industry Awards and NZARH may reproduce an entry or entries in any existing or future medium of its choice for a period of five years from the closing date of entries. The Industry Awards and NZARH undertakes not to trade that entry or entries for any gain or for any other use to any party, apart for promotional purposes, without first obtaining the written permission of the copyright holder(s).
  4. Moral Rights Protection. The Industry Awards and NZARH acknowledges the moral rights provisions of the Copyright Act 1994 including the right of the hairstylist to be identified as the author of any entry or entries. To protect the artistic integrity of the entry or entries The Industry Awards and NZARH will not intentionally edit, alter demean or misrepresent the entry or entries in any way.
  5. Model and Property Release. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to obtain appropriate written permission from any person and/or the owner of any property that is identifiable in the entry or entries. The Entrant agrees to provide The Industry Awards and NZARH with a copy of this written permission if requested to do so.
  6. Indemnity. The Entrant indemnifies The Industry Awards and NZARH against any claim(s) arising from any breaches of the intellectual property rights of any third party referred to in these terms and conditions of entry.
  7. Insurance. All entries will be treated with care, but no responsibility will be accepted in the case of loss or damage. Insurance is the Entrant’s sole responsibility.
  8. Privacy. By entering this competition the Entrant undertakes that he/she has obtained the permission of all parties associated with the entry or entries for The Industry Awards and NZARH to hold their personal information (including name, contact details and place of employment or study) for the purposes of promoting The Industry Awards and NZARH, its competitions and events.
  9. Prizes. Non-monetary prizes are not transferable for cash. The NZARH reserves the right to offer the winners a substitute prize of similar value in the event that the anticipated prize becomes unavailable for any reason. If this should occur, the prize value is limited to $1,300.00.