A lot of people are wondering what’s happening with the New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers – NZARH. Images Magazine  thought, that’s a really great question to ask, so they put it to the NZARH Executive Committee at a recent meeting, and were surprised, excited and delighted to hear about their future plans.

NZARH sets standards for salons and represents the professional hairdressing and barbering industry nationally. Its members are salons, barbershops, product companies and associated industry members who have united to ensure that operational standards are high; career interest and recruitment improves; and the Government recognises and responds to unique industry issues. NZARH exists to be the voice of industry, connecting all industry stakeholders and elevating business and hairdressing/barbering skills.

Some of the major initiatives currently underway are the combining of all the regions under one nationally run organisation. Until now, each region has had its own regional association and committee. Being run from a national level will allow NZARH to align with all member salons in a consistent and uniform manner and deliver much more value. This change is expected to be ratified at a Special General Meeting in September this year.

“We see this as a big benefit for NZARH members! It will enable us to distribute our industry relevant business and creative series of seminars and workshops throughout the country and provide a vast array of business resources and support through our partnerships. NZARH will become the go to place for everything hairdressing and barbering in NZ!” says NZARH President, Maureen Bowring. She goes on to say: “NZARH will continue to play a major role in promoting and supporting our professional qualification along with our members’ commitment for maintaining ethical standards.”

Another benefit of membership is the ability of the Association and its partners to wield significant political influence than that of individual members alone. When you join the organisation, you can tap the group’s political clout and resources.

NZARH continues to focus on developing key strategic partnerships with industry relevant companies and organisations. For example, they are currently working on a co-shared web based resource centre with the Australian Hair Council (AHC) to provide joint resources for members to download and utilise in order to improve and grow their businesses and understand legal obligations etc.

“This relationship will add tremendous value for our New Zealand members and shave years off development of these resources if we did it alone” says Competitions Committee Chairman Niq James, who is working closely with the AHC to secure this initiative. “Members will have access to the rich array of resources available to them via our online Members Resource Library; we’ll provide multiple avenues of support, numerous educational opportunities for both staff and owners alike, as well as various events that include business knowledge, social networking evenings, and events including our long running hairdressing competitions.”

Creative partnerships with suppliers, retailers and HITO are continually being developed which gives a better quality of benefits for members – for example, members can join Air New Zealand’s Koru Club and save $155! Another valuable benefit is the negotiated rate through the aftermarket finance company PartPay with an exclusive rate and NO OTHER FEES, just for NZARH members. There are many others, including Images Magazine which provides NZARH members their annual subscription for just $35.00.

Check out the new NZARH website for more savings with aligned companies like TIB Insurance, Kitomba Salon Software, and many other industry suppliers and retailers here

Your NZARH Executive Committee are extremely passionate about supporting the professional hairdressers and barbers of New Zealand and as already mentioned, an important factor in the Association’s goals is to develop the professional standing of the hairdressing industry in New Zealand. With this in mind they see the importance of the public being served by NZ standard qualified stylists, therefore are currently developing a registration process for member hairdressers and salons to aspire to through a series of levels of standards. The Executive see this as an important next step for professional salons in NZ – “It is always surprising how many members of the public assume they are being styled by an NZ qualified and registered stylist and when they find out they’re not, are understandably concerned”, says Maureen. “Members of the public will enjoy peace of mind in knowing that with an NZARH member salon they will receive high quality salon services, clean and hygienic conditions, and understanding professional stylists who are fully qualified and held to a high professional standard.”

An often overlooked benefit of an Association like NZARH is the personal support factor and benefits from the networking opportunities available. By joining NZARH you can make valuable professional contacts and get access to a wealth of information. You can deepen your existing business relationships and forge new contacts regularly at networking and educational events where you can make lasting ties with other professionals in the trade who have common interests or similar concerns. These relationships are mostly rich, and an ongoing source of ideas and inspiration.

It’s fair to say there’s still a lot of work to do, but with an Executive Committee dedicated to providing tremendous value to its members, NZARH is certainly poised to make a significant difference into the future for every registered member.

Many people don’t realise that they can take advantage of the association’s many benefits and resources for about $60 (or less) a month – that’s less than the current price of most cuts and blow waves!

For more information and to join NZARH click here