Confused about what the fuss is all about with test and tagging?



We decided to get to the truth of the matter and along the way chatted one of NZARH’s Elite members, owner of Mphosis and NZARH Judge – Tash Bird.

Tash’s Story

“As frustrating as it is with all the things we need to think about as business owners Tag and Testing is a priority as it proves to Work Safe that we take the safety of our business and our employee’s seriously.

So, I for one am excited that as a member of the NZARH we get a discount with Jim’s Test and Tag. It can be an expensive job and so I like to know I’m getting the best price.  Yes, I did a ring around and they are the cheapest for us. Their service is fantastic, they send me a reminder email each year that its almost due to be done again so I don’t have to think about it.  One less thing on my to do list that I have to remember.

Darryl comes in once a year with his machine, which doesn’t take up to much space and tests everything electrical in the business and I mean everything, this isn’t just the equipment we use on our clients like our hairdryers or the electric basin chairs, it’s the Christmas lights, the washing machine, the toaster and mobile phone charger to name a few.  Anything electrical that plugs in. There are some fixtures that only need doing every 5 years like the computer if it is fixed (a laptop is yearly).  He puts a tag on it, which means I can take it anywhere and its considered safe to use.  As we’ve used him a few times, we get some things out ready and he works his way around the business from staff room to reception and everywhere in between.  I receive a report via email with everything that has been tested and tagged for my records including if it passed or failed, and a list of what was missing from the previous year.

Another bonus they can also safety check your fire extinguisher and report on this too. ”


What Test and Tagging does

While Work Safe NZ state that …”testing and tagging doesn’t guarantee future electrical safety, what it does is provide a snapshot of how safe the appliance is at the time of testing.” Test and tagging provides proof you did your due diligence if you ever have an incident involving an electrical appliance and are making a claim on your insurance.

For this reason, most venues require all equipment to be tested and tagged. So this is reflected in the requirements for competing at any NZARH live competitions, and also for candidates sitting their HITO “Final” Assessments.


Preparing to sit HITO “Final”Assessments

We spoke to Debra Hawkins from HITO about how test and tagging affects sitting the HITO “Final” Assessments.

A friendly reminder that all electrical equipment you wish to use on the day will need to tagged and tested. The testing does need to be current and up to date. So make sure you check the dates are current when you are gathering your tools and equipment for the day.

comments: “Debra is sending something on Monday All electrical equipment that they use must recharged and tested wherever the assessment takes place.





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