Over the past week since salons around the country closed, there have been posts on social media and articles on the TV about how our clients will cope without us there to colour their hair.

There have been some interesting opinions on this and while we are not going to tell you how to run your business we will give professional advice on maintaining best practice.

NZARH has advised our members that at Level 4, as you will be in isolation, NO hair services should be performed at salons or private addresses as this would breach the lockdown notice issued by the NZ Government. We have been fielding calls and answering emails from our concerned members. Here is our latest press release about home colouring.

The New Zealand Association of Registered Hairdressers is the voice of the hair and barbering industry in New Zealand. We cannot stress Health and Safety enough!

Health and Safety

As a salon you may find that supplying a client with colour impacts your bottom line but it may also breach the supply agreement that you have with your Professional supply company.

You may also find your well meaning deed lands you in legal trouble for breaching WorkSafe NZ standards as there is a risk that the ingredients in the product you supplied can cause an allergic reaction, ranging from skin irritation and burns to anaphylactic shock that requires medical attention. This would put extra strain on the healthcare industry with the current Coivd19 crisis. Some severe cases may result in permanent health issues, disability or even death.

It is always recommended that an allergy test be performed before colouring, something that the public will seldom do. We do not recommend the use of home colour that is purchased from a supermarket, pharmacy or supplied by a salon to the client. You may think that you are doing your client a favour or putting their needs first but the safety of our client should be paramount.

A message from the team at Colour Me Safe New Zealand Ltd.

Professional Standards in New Zealand

In New Zealand there is no requirement for a hairdresser or barber to be qualified and we currently only have 55% of hairdresser or barbers that have, or are working towards, a qualification. NZARH helps maintain professional standards and deal with complaints from the public. We recommend that consumers get advice from a trained hair professional and not a hair and beauty retailer.  

PPD containig hair dye regulatory update-EU

Our member salons all employ qualified hair professionals and we guarantee quality work carried out by qualified staff. The main allergen in hair colour is 2-Chloro-p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and while all manufacturers of colour in Europe (most professional in salon colour brands are European companies) have abided by the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation and removed PPD from their colour from 22 November 2019 (sell through 22 Feb 2020) there is no requirement for other countries to do so. Therefore there is more chance that pharmacy or supermarket colour still have these ingredients.

Lisa Steele, Colour Me Safe New Zealand Ltd.

While there is definitely an emotional boost that occurs when you have had your hair coloured, NZARH recommends the public to use shampoo or conditioner with temporary colouring effect, touch up sprays or powders to camouflage or blend their natural and coloured hair and not home colour kits. This might also be an opportunity to ‘embrace the grey’. Final advice, use a deep conditioning hair treatment to have an at home pamper session and leave your hair colouring to the professionals, they will need your support after a month with no work… and you won’t end up with a big bill for colour correction!