Lisa Ussher is NZ’s most capped sustainable salon champion and the inspired owner of The Powder Room in Wellington’s eclectic Cuba Street. Going Green has been a natural and resourceful progression for Lisa and The Powder Room sits in an historic building which was saved from demolition in 2005 during the construction of the Inner City Bypass. It has been brought back to life with the recycling of its original timber panelling and matai floors. With insulation and heating and cooling in an efficient clean way, the building has been moved and transformed into a comfortable, modern, character- filled, beautiful salon.

Lisa says: “We strive for a zero waste policy in the salon, particularly when colouring hair. Lights and electrics are turned off when not in use, water flow reducers are fitted to basin taps. We are renewable energy advocates for the WWF and bills and statements come electronically. We have systems in place for minimising all waste including composting, reusing and recycling.”

An NZARH advocate, Lisa shares with us her top 10 ‘easy as’ sustainable tips that you can implement in your salon to become more environmentally conscious and a more sustainable business:

  1. Choose suppliers who are committed to reducing their environmental impact.
  2. Have sorting bins to make recycling easy for staff and clients.
  3. Get your business cards and vouchers printed on recycled paper.
  4. Do a ‘waste audit’ staff meeting: Get everybody to come up with ideas on how to reduce what’s in your rubbish bag and hold everyone accountable for a truly sustainable salon.
  5. Keep cups in the staffroom when someone goes out for a coffee, take a cup with you, it quickly becomes a habit.
  6. Squash your tinfoil into balls and take to your local metal recycler. Aluminium is valuable.
  7. Look for reusable products rather than single use things like getting reusable coffee pods for the Nespresso machine and awesome NZ products like Rockfoil.
  8. Stop printing stuff out, save files and use whiteboards or iPads around the salon.
  9. Green Merchandising – upcycle and recycle to make great displays.
  10. Buy quality products for the salon so they last. Get things repaired instead of replacing them.

There you have it, Lisa’s top 10 sustainable tips that any salon can implement at any stage with very little effort.

Thanks Lisa!