As the voice of the New Zealand Hair and Barber Industry, NZARH wanted to give you an update and provide some clarity around what is expected from our industry.

Financial Aid

The NZ Govt has increased the wage subsidy to help cover all workers and business owners within our industry.

Part of the application process is that you have to sort information from an accountant, or bank or a relevant industry association’ and as a sole trader the applicant needs to have a qualification or registration in their trade. As the industry leader, NZARH will be assisting businesses with any quires regarding this.

Please contact us at

As of Monday 23 the govt has moved NZ to Level 3 to prepare for level 4 shut down on Wednesday. Non essential business is to shut as of 23rd as per the govt directive.

We have received correspondence from the public and businesses within the industry to say that some salons and barbershops are still opening.

Some people have been using social media information about when they can work up till, which is incorrect.

Please use the official gift website.

For clarity our recommendation is as follows

Monday: Close your business as per Govt directive

Tuesday: All preschools, schools, tertiary providers will close for all children (except for children of essential services so they can ready for level 4)

You may meet with your staff at this time to go over any future planning required (virtual meeetings would be preferred).

Wednesday: All hair salons and barber shops should be closed at this time.

Wednesday: 11.59pm we will be in lockdown and self isolating at home.

By choosing to stay open you are breaking the law.

But you are also increasing the risk of Covid 19 being transmitted as we now have community transfer.

We realize that this is a difficult time but public safety and staff welfare must be paramount.

In the interest of public safety we would encourage you to close as per the instructions.

Now is not the time for making money…..We want our industry to do the right thing and keep our staff, clients and families safe.

We have also been made aware that some hairdressers were planning on doing their friends and families hair within the isolation period. Again this is unacceptable and unlawful.

Through Dr Duncan Webb, we have contacted the Prime Ministers’ office who are very concerned. They have confirmed that that these actions are not only illegal but may face fines and are risking human life.

You can anonymously pass on details of any key offenders that you know and we will follow up with them. Alternatively, please inform your local public Officer of Health. ( )

I need to make this quite clear, if a salon chooses to operate, NZARH Will inform the Public Officer of Health and ask yourself’ is the money you make for the day worth the risk of passing on a virus that can kill.”

Niq James, NZARH Chair