Member Resource – Wella Home Colour Stance

Wella professional stance on Colouring from home.

  • As a Company we are NOT supportive of enabling stylists to provide at-home oxidative colour solutions (e.g. KP, Illumina, CT, Blondor etc.) for their clientele. Nor are we supportive of giving guidance to clients on how to apply retail box colour.
  • Therefore we will  NOT ask our educators, customers, associates, and/or ambassadors to endorse in anyway this practice.
  • We agree to support ideas/movements like “show your roots”, “don’t do it at home” or prepay for your first hair appointment (hashtags vary by market and language) which specifically support  concepts along the lines of ‘waiting until salons re-open to get your colour done’.
  • We are supportive of stylists consulting and providing clientele home hair care and helping refresh colour with lines like Colour Fresh and Insta-Recharge (retail Lines). For clarity this might be called root softening or colour refresh, but is clearly not “getting your colour done” i.e. root-touch-up or grey coverage.

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