FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

At every alert level people should take measures to stay safe and well.

• Regularly disinfect surfaces
• Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly
• Don’t touch your face
• Stay home if you are sick
• Get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline
• Continue to seek primary medical care.

Level 2:

Does everyone need to be re-inducted to the salon?

When first returning to work at Level 2, all staff and suppliers are to be re-inducted and informed of this protocol as applicable.

What is required at alert level 1?

NZARH will be working on level 1 guidelines and will advise of these once completed.

What is a vulnerable worker?

nformation about vulnerable workers can be found on the Covid-19 website.

Why aren’t we recommending that thermometer testing should be mandatory?

Thermal detection devices are impractical to enforce and devices also vary and can be unreliable in determining if someone is infected with COVID-19.
Moreover, your body temperature is not always a great way to tell if you’ve been infected by COVID-19 or any virus for that matter. Not all people infected with COVID-19 show symptoms and if they do it can take days to appear… and what happens if you’ve taken some medications to bring your fever down?

How can I get enough of the required PPE e.g. gloves?

You can order PPE from the NZARH shop. Be prepared and stay well stocked. Order your supplies early, don’t wait until you have nothing left before you place an order.

Why is physical distancing one metre at work but two metres outside of work?

Government have advised that workplaces must operate safely – keeping one metre between workers, recording who is working together, limiting interaction between groups of workers, disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining high hygiene standards.

Are there any risks arising from restarting your business or a business activity that has been shut down during alert level 4, and how will you manage these?

We will be operating with a higher level of H & S needed to ensure safety of all. Processes will need to be explained to staff and then communicated to clients also. This can be done virtually, with social media or direct messages to clients. Checklist and tick boxes will be used to constantly moderate needs and responses. Appointment processes will need to streamlined with staff to ensure efficient use of time and safe delivery of services.

How will you ensure all workers know how and are able to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?

Staff training prior to return to work. Connecting with team multiple times. Supply resource sheet and explain services procedures to staff before their return to work. Have a meeting every morning to revisit the tasks and procedures. Review any processes that may need attention to make safer or more streamlined. Have regular updates and a FAQ to explain processes and work through concerns.

How will you gather information on the wellness of your workers to ensure that they are safe and well to work?

Workers will have an induction at least 24 hours before they return to work. They will sign that they are fit, well and ready to return to work and they will also make us aware of any changes to this declaration. The staff should also be encouraged to work through the flow chart on ‘how they are feeling’ daily.
Flow chart provided in the full version of the NZARH Guidelines for the Hair Industry.

How will you operate your business in a way that keeps workers and others safe from exposure to COVID-19?

Have resources available and checklists to fill out to make sure staff are not at work if they are unwell. Also have processes for clients to work though that ensure only well people are coming in so safe environments can be maintained.
Checklists and forms for salon, staff and clients provided in the full version of the NZARH Guidelines for the Hair Industry.

How will you manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19?

We will use the resources in our pack to work through the process to maintain a safe environment. Follow these procedures and alter any processes to assure safe practice.

How will you evaluate, and continuously review, whether your work processes or risk controls are effective?

Audit control processes, use our checklists, reinforce safe personal hygiene. Reaching out to industry leaders for best practice updates

How do any changes impact on the risks of the work you do?

We will have to change processes and retrain staff and inform clients and the public of these changes. There is a process of education, demonstration, asking/questioning for clarification of processes. You need to work together with workers and their worker representatives to develop answers to the seven questions and then share the plan with all your workers. This will ensure your workers and others understand how you intend to manage the risks of COVID-19 and a safe return to work at alert level 3.

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Level 3:

When will businesses that involve close personal contact be allowed to open?

Right now, the risk of transmission from people providing services that require close personal contact (e.g. hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, domestic cleaners, personal trainers, gymnasiums) is too great. These businesses can resume under Alert Level 2, with appropriate health measures in place.

If I have a salon or barbershop at home can I open?

No, because of the close contact required with in this job. The government has named this job as resuming at level 2.

If I am a mobile hairdresser or barber can I still go to people’s homes?

No, it is the close contact required to do the job. Close face to face jobs will resume at level 2.

Can I send colour to my clients?

No, NZARH does not recommend or condone the sale of Professional Colouring Product to the public. Please see NZARH policy for onselling colour from salon to public

Do I have to register with MBIE to sell retail online?

At Level 3 all businesses are allowed to use ecommerce and contactless delivery. There is no requirement to register with MBIE
At level 4 you were required to register with MBIE to sell goods online as only essesntial businesses should be working and only essential items should be sold online (Hairdressing product falls under the category of fast moving consumables: toiletries and personal items)

How would you best deal with seeing a client at the supermarket - who is looking at colouring her own hair, and she spots you?

Recommend that she uses a touch up spray and help her find one. Ask her not to colour it herself because it will be harder for you to fix it. Let her know that you will contact her when you open again.

Can an employer make an employee go to work to clean and make foils?

Remember that we are still to be following MOH and WorksafeNZ guidelines. At level 4 only essential business can be operating (about 500,000 workers). At level 3 the restritions are still in place but we are adding some extra ways of doing business, this will add an extra 500,000 people. This new addition still needs to be with as little contact as possible with the public and work team. We don’t know how long we will be at level 3 for so there is little point in cleaning the workspace. The Government have said they will do a 2 day transition between levels so that people have time to prepare to return to work. There will be time between level 3 and level 2 to have your staff together to prepare your workspace, order stock and contact clients together.

Can I sell retail if we keep the 2 meters apart?

No you can not. At Level 3 there is a requirement that workers do not come into contact with the public and there is no public access allowed to bunsinesses. You can sell online and on the phone and have courier delievery or contactless delivery by the the business and following the requirements MOH and WorkSafe NZ.

Can we sell colour to clients, if we measure it out and give them gloves to keep them safe?

No, NZARH do not condone or endors the supply or sale of professional colour products for client use. We have received advise from our Corprate Members (product companies) that they aslo do not support their salons supplying color to clients. Doing this may void your insurance cover aslo if you needed to claim for something or your client has a reaction. We will contact the salon and also let their supplier know of any breaches.

What retail can I sell in level 3?

At Level 3 you are able to sell any retail product. Hair Care and Styling, Hairdryers and other tools. At level 3 the lead Govt agency is WorkSafeNZ and not MBIE, they want to make sure that you are operating your business with safe practices.

How many of my team can I have in my salon with me while I'm sorting appointments?

The main objective at level 3 is to restrict the virus through non-contact with the public and work bubbles that still keep 1 metre apart .Ask yourself, how many people can use the booking system at the same time? How many phones will you need to contact clients, do you want your clients having access to the phone number your staff are calling from (it may be staff cellphones). A safe, more efficient way of doing this might be for 1 person to call all the clients or the staff can call their own and get access to your computer program online. Remember that client access to your business is not allowed until level 2. It is also expected that the govt will allow a lead in time between levels so it becomes a transition.

Can I get my team to drop products in clients letterboxes on their way home from being at the salon

Yes you can, but again this needs to have followed Health and safety practices with sanitising items and wearing gloves for delivery and maying the process contactless. We don’t want you to put your staff in unsafe situations so again this should be agreed in your worksafe plan and agreed to by staff.

If we can sell retail can I get my staff to go to work and do this?

You can but remember there is the posibility that they may have pressure put on them from a client or member of the public. There is also the chance that someone may think that you are working and call the public health officer. We would recommend that this is done by the business owner or senior staff member.

Can I drop the products to my clients house?

Yes you can, but again this needs to be contactless. We would recommend that you leave it in the letter box and avoid all contact.

Who is going to ‘police’ this?

This is a high trust model. Our industry reputation is on the line. The authorties will be checking and there is a number (dial 105) for reporting those that choose to flout the law. A Covid-19 breach report form will be available at https://www.police.govt.nz/105support

What happens if I get caught working on clients?

You could be fined and/or face imprisonment. Or you could spread Covid-19 and cause death.

What if I have a contractor/rent a chair, who has her own retail products at the salon, and wants to sell those products. Can she gain access with the intention to sell?

At level 3 you can not work on clients and your business must remain closed with no public access. The contractor can have access and get the product but they must be sold online or on the phone and delivered conatactlessly.

Can staff sell retail too? What would be the best way to manage that?

Staff can have access to sell retail but this needs to be done off premises and delivered contactlessly. We would recommend that you are selling online, from a website or Facebook page or ordered on the phone. Then a senior staff member or salon owner can package the items using MOH guidelines and arrange a courier to pick up. We would recommend having the courier service a couple of times a week to limit salon visits.

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